A must-visit place in Croatia: Šibenik 16.05.2018.


Croatia has many holiday destinations that are only recently being discovered and one of them is Šibenik with its history and great offer of villas and apartments.


Dalmatia has always been a popular tourist destinations but the bigger cities like Zadar or Split were seldom a destination and mainly a transit center for the tourists trying to reach the islands or smaller towns and villages for their holiday. This trend was alive and well until a couple of recent years when the bigger towns started to gain on importance as popular destinations, showing their visitors that it pais off to stay for a holiday there and not just spend a couple of hours before taking a bus or ferry.


One those towns is Šibenik, old historic town situated at the meeting point of Krka river and the Adriatic sea in the central Dalmatia, halfway between Split and Zadar and it is the oldest coastal town founded by Croats. Šibenik has been an industrial, economical and administrative centre of Šibenik Knin county but the tourism hasn't played much importance, at least not as much as in the small places nearby such as Primošten and Vodice where it was (and still is) the main economic force. But that has changed – Šibenik has maintained its position as the administrative and economical centre but the industry mainly shut down and the town had the chance to reinvent itself in terms of tourism.


Today Šibenik can boast with tourist boom that comes as a result of several finished projects: modern Marina Mandalina (the only marina in Croatia that has been awarded five gold anchors) attracts yachstmen and sailing lovers from all over the world, town fortresses have been restored and serve as a venue for concerts and other cultural events, main town beach is now an amazing location with all possible facilities and the accommodation offer has expanded. There are also musical festivals that take place in Šibenik during summer months and together with the traditional International Children's Festival makes a great offer for both the local people and tourists.


Cultural heritage of Šibenik is rich and includes St. James Cathedral (part of the UNESCO World Heritage list), beautiful gothic and renaissance building made by Juraj Dalmatinac, several other churches, palaces and four fortresses. St. Michael fortress and Barone fortress have been restored and are very popular as a concert and event venue. Barone fortress is a great place where you can learn about Šibenik history (through guided and augmented reality tour) and fortification itself, go to a concert or have a delicious meal as it features an excellent restaurant. At St. Michael's fortress bigger concert events are being held and this year's programme includes the performances of Bryan Ferry and Kruder&Dorfmeister.


There is plenty to see and do in Šibenik, and finding a place to stay is also easy. As more visitors started coming to Šibenik, the range of holiday rental properities has expanded. Hotels, apartments, rooms, villas.. there is plenty to choose from in Šibenik. Charming apartments in the old center or a luxury villa near Šibenik, a house with pool or a room with a balcony that overlooks the cathedral and the bay, it is no longer a problem to find a holiday home that will suit the tourists and their needs.


Šibenik, despite its growing popularity, is still a place that is not so crowded which makes it, together with its cultural, entertainment and accommodation offer of high quality, an ideal place to relax and discover Dalmatia, its rich history and culture, visit exhibitions and concerts and still enjoy the pristine nature and beaches.


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