An alternative to partying at Zrće, Novalja? There is one! 25.09.2018.


Zrće is not the only good reason to leave your villa or apartment while staying in Novalja, as there is plenty more happening there.


If someone told you they spent their holiday in Novalja, your first question would probably be „Have you been to Zrće?“ as this party beach has become a symbol not just of Novalja, but of the Pag island as well. Of course, if they visited that place of music, clubs, dancing and partying, we are pretty sure they had a good time there. However, staying in Novalja does not mean that Zrće is the only place to have fun or the only place that has something entertaining to offer.


There are several events that take place through the year and that are an excellent opportunity if partying at Zrće is not your idea of fun, or if you want to try something else apart from the that as well. Therefore, if you decide to visit Novalja and you found your ideal apartment or a villa with private pool, check out the social events that are being held there in order to organize your stay and learn more about this lovely island town and its customs.


Many guests like to spend their Easter holidays away from home as spring is an ideal time of year to visit places with mild climate and enjoy the sun and some fresh air after a long and cold winter. Easter breakfast is one tradition that is held each Easter Monday on the main town square where delicious local dishes of traditional cuisine are being prepared and served for both the locals and guests. There are also performances by local folklore groups and rock bands. And if you decide to stay a little longer, on the 1st of May a traditional feast is held with traditional dishes and products of the island of Pag such as liqueurs, jams, honey or handmade jewellery and other goods.


Pag island is also known for its sheep farming and quality cheese production and several local producers win prestigious international awards for their cheese on regular basis. To promote this tasty tradition of the island, every year an exhibition of Pag sheep and cheese is being held in Novalja, during the first weekend of July. To accompany the exhibition, the science conference is held at the same time as the idea of this event is to gather scientists that can help improve sheep farming and cheese making process.


During the entire summer there are also various events held, under the name of The Novalja Summer Culture Festival. It begins on June 13th, with the Feast of Saint Anthony, which is the patron saint of the town. The Festival lasts throughout the summer and it features various cultural, entertainment and sporting events – art exhibitions, classical music concerts, folklore group performances, promotions and book exhibitions, theatre performances, outdoor cinema, sports competitions and so on. There are also two separate parts of the Festival, the Novalja Summer of Music and the productions of the Novalja Triatar.


We hope this information is going to inspire you to explore Novalja and its tradition. Sipping a cold drink by the villa pool is relaxing and nice, but it is also good to change the everyday holiday routine and visit the attractive events held in this lovely town.


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