Book a holiday home in Vodice 21.05.2019.


Looking for a place to enjoy the delights of the summer, and at the same time feel like home? Book one of the beautiful villas!


Summer in Vodice, a coastal village in the vicinity of Šibenik looks quite lively. Streets and squares are full, just like the beach, terrace numerous taverns and cafes, hotels and apartments If you want to be part of the crowd, while enjoying the privacy and comfort, book one of the  holiday house in which you will feel completely free. This kind of accommodation is ideal for couples and families with children, because, among other things, provide enough facilities for all ages: from the beach, to private parking and swimming pool, private terraces, where you can lie in the sun, but also to prepare delicious barbecue for their guests, the garden where you will find naturally grown fruits and vegetables, or  explore beautiful Vodice. 


And when you want to leave their summer oasis in and around city you will find a lot of fun. In early June Vodice hosts the most popular pop music festivals in Croatia, and the whole summer there are numerous cultural events, festivals and concerts. To get to know the history and tradition of this place, which was established in the Iron Age, it is best to go to one of the original tour. For example, the tour "trip in the history of the town" will take you on a journey through the guiding vineyards and olive groves, where you will come across many material witnesses of life in this region through the centuries-old history. The length of the route is 15 km, and the trip takes about 4 hours. Cultural routes "Water - a powerful creator of history" will reveal the 20 cultural and historical attractions at 6 locations. This cultural route connecting the coast, islands, hinterland and Krka including Vodice, Sibenik and the island of Prvić


If you decide to stay in town there you also have a lot thigs to do and see. The narrow stone streets, houses, churches and numerous monuments testify the rich history. Near the town are located several valuable archaeological sites. Beaches in Vodice are very popular and rich in content, and the most popular are: Blue beach, Male Vrulje, Hangar, Srima, and if you have a pet there is a famous beach for dogs where you will even be able to enjoy ice cream for dogs. But if you want some privacy in a hidden bay, go on a day trip to some of the nearby islands and enjoy the unspoiled nature and clear sea. 


There are a lot of activities. There are numerous sports fields, gyms, bike and hiking trails, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, jumping from a parachute, and hospitable people are at your disposal if you want to try to fish or boat ride. You will eat well because the place and the hinterland has a lot of farms and fishing places. Delicatessen can be tasted in one of the many taverns or prepare them yourself in the modern kitchen of your holliday house. But the best way to experience the Vodice is at traditional fishermen festivities that take place in June, July and September. Happy fishermen serve local specialties caught in their nets: grilled sardines, shellfish stew and others. Book your holliday house at the time and enjoy the wonderful vacation!


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