Booking a perfect vacation in villa with a pool in Bol on Brač is just the thing 08.11.2019.


When looking for accommodation and having your heart set on a holiday in Croatia, spending it in a luxury villa in Bol on island of Brač is ideal choice for you.


People in Dalmatia have an old custom of saying that time seems to go by slower here, and on an island even more so. There would be no better place for you to test this theory than spending your holiday renting a luxury villa on the incomparable island of Brač.

When booking a holiday accommodation in a villa with a pool you may think that all of the luxury is already all you may desire but spending such a holiday in beautiful Bol on island of Brač is a perfect way to make your vacation unforgettable. Island of Brač is located off the coast of Split and is one of the most prominent islands in the Adriatic archipelago. Known also as the place that has most sunny days of all locations in Croatia you will definitely make sure that every of your vacation days are fulfilled in Bol.


That Bol has beautiful beaches is an understatement and when you visit beach of Zlatni Rat, one of the most magnificent beaches in Europe and maybe in the world in total, you will know why this is true. Over 10 kilometres of golden sandy beaches in combination with turquoise clear sea will make your stay in Bol one of the memorable holidays you have ever had. Zlatni rat, unique in shape extending almost half a kilometre into the sea, will leave you in wonder and surely thinking you are in paradise. Influence of natural sea and wind currents that give the beach this unique shape also make Zlatni rat a perfect kite and wind surfing location for professionals and amateurs alike.


There are many reasons why holiday villa in Bol is most desired accommodation but we will name a few; cultural and entertainment events in Bol will leave you richer for the experience of some of the finest local traditions and Bol will be one of the most memorable vacation locations you have ever visited making you return for years to come. Booking a villa in Bol will make you richer in experience but also enriched with peace as is the primary goal of every good vacation. While laying back on your lounger by the pool, enjoying luxuries of your villa, soaking up the aromas of your environment, of sage and rosemary, listening to the relaxing sounds of waves and crickets, we can guarantee you will forget all of your troubles.


Bol as an “SymBol of the Adriatic” a slogan made by tourist board is a kind of a true statement because Bol and it's natural phenomenon beach are often represented as one of the main sights and attractions to be seen in Croatia. We are somewhat sure that soon enough breathtaking luxury villas with a pool will make that list also.


Booking a perfect vacation in villa with a pool in Bol on Brač is just the thing08.11.2019.

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