Explore Cavtat for a fantastic holiday 28.10.2018.


Cavtat is a fantastic opportunity to rent villa or apartment near Dubrovnik and escape the hectic crowds of visitors.


The city of Dubrovnik is probably the most famous destination in Croatia and a symbol of Croatian tourism. Its long and interesting history as an independent Republic, beautiful old town with stone walls and buildings such as churches, palaces and villas, great restaurant and entertainment offer combined with the new 'role' of Dubrovnik as a top filming location (Game of Thrones, to name the most famous production) all contribute to its appeal and status as a must-visit place. But there are other interesting location in the neighbourhood such as Cavtat, a small coastal town just 19 kilometers from Dubrovnik.


Although small, Cavtat has a history that is no less interesting that the one of the above mentioned super destination as it spans over more than two and a half millenia. It was founded in 6th century BC by the Illyrian people, later ruled by Greeks as their colony. It was then conquered by Romans in 228 BC and it flourished till the 7th century AD when it was destroyed. The town experienced significant development in the 15th century when Dubrovnik Republic bought it together with Konavle area and it was built up again.


Such rich and interesting background made Cavtat a beautiful little coastal town that tells a different story around every corner: its beautiful gothic and renaissance center is adorned by the fragments of previous times: mosaics, stelas, architraves and so on. Remains of the Roman amphitheatre can be seen near Franciscan monastery, and on the top of the peninsula Rat where Cavtat is situated lay traces of Roman forum and Greek temple. Today another beautiful piece of art is located there, Račić family mausoleum, work by great Croatian sculptor of the 20th century, Ivan Meštrović. Another great Croatian artist from 19th and 20th century is linked with Cavtat as he was born there: painter Vlaho Bukovac. Today you can visit his birth house.


Staying in Cavtat for holidays is hence very popular as the town itself is an interesting place, and it is near Dubrovnik which makes it a perfect location if you wish to explore the old city and have accommodation away from the crowds, enjoying peace and quiet. Accommodation in Cavtat is excellent as it includes hotels, apartments and old stone villas with fantastic views of the town and the sea. It helps to know that at any time you can pop up to Dubrovnik and admire its beauty and then afterwards retreat to a peaceful haven of Cavtat. There are several sand beaches with crystal clear sea there so you can enjoy the sun and the sea right there. Cavtat is also close to border with Montenegro so while staying there you can go on a trip to discover the famous Bay of Kotor with stone gems of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Budva.


To sum it up, Dubrovnik area has many great places that are not only worth the visit but staying there as well. Small towns and villages such as Trsteno and Cavtat scattered around the most famous city in Croatia provide an excellent alternative to accommodation in Dubrovnik as they can match it in both quality and diversity. So why not try it?


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