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Rogoznica, a beautiful little place in the heart of Dalmatia, has everything you need for a perfect vacation: the cleanest sea on the Adriatic, pristine nature, great geographical position and luxurious accommodation.



In recent years, Rogoznica has turned into a true tourist hit for a reason. The town and surroundings offer guests a unique summer experience in Dalmatia. Rogoznica is the geographically most prominent part of the mainland in the sea why has purity of the sea, mild climate and island beauty. It is located in an ideal location, so you can easily visit many other pearls of the Adriatic: Primošten, Sibenik, Trogir, Split and others. Rogoznica is an ideal place for family vacations, and it is also a pleasure to visit  for the sailors as it is considered as the safest Adriatic port. The center of Rogoznica is located on a peninsula that looks very picturesque due to the numerous authentic stone houses nestled along the shore. The place is dominated by the bell tower of a beautiful 17century church, by pine forests that cover most of the islands, and are ideal for evening walks or afternoon diving with the sound of crickets.


Rogoznica stretches on 50 km of coastline, its beaches are pebble, rocky with numerous wild hidden bays, but there are also town beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea or play some sport. The place was built in the ancient times, and some archaeologists were convinced that Heraklea was situeted on this place. When you are already here, visit the places that surround you. In just a few minutes by boat you will come to Ražanj, a small fishing village where you will fall in love at first glance, swim in Lozica, find peace in one of the hidden bays of Kanica. Two kilometers southeast of Rogoznica is the cape Planka, a place where the northern and southern winds, cyclones and anticyclones, the sea currents, collide strongly. Waiting for a sunset at the Planka cape is something you have to experience. ,


Rogoznica itself has a natural phenomenon, the Dragon Eye Lake, which keeps the old legend of the dragon as well as the shrine of Maddona of the Chapel, where there is a miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Rogoznica is also known for its top gastronomy, so you can enjoy fresh fish, seafood delicacies, lamb and excellent wines. Night life is filled with numerous bars, and in the immediate vicinity is Aurora, one of the most famous and oldest disco clubs in the Adriatic. Here is the largest big game tuna fishing tournament , so you can attend a multi-day party and socialize with some of the world's most famous fishermen. Many festivals and parties are organized during the summer, so you will surely find something for yourself.


When it comes to accommodation, if you are coming with a family or a group of friends, book a private villa, luxurious and modernly equipped, located first row to the sea, with a beautiful sea view, surrounded by centuries-old pine trees, private pool and large terrace where you can enjoy with my friends. All rooms are modern, air-conditioned, have internet access and most importantly, if you come with a car you also have your own parking lot. Stay in a villa will make your vacation even more complete, because when you return from day-to-day exploration of the place and its surroundings, you can enjoy the privacy of your luxury accommodation and plan plans for where to go tomorrow. And remember wherever you go, you'll be amazed by the beauty. Enjoy Rogoznica!


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