Solta - island paradise perfect for summer dreaming 24.01.2019.


A islets pearl of untouched nature near from Split is an ideal escape from everyday life. Find perfect villa for intimate holidays in turquoise oasis!


The island only a few nautical miles away from Split in high summer season becomes its paradise suburb. Why paradise? Due to the crystal clear sea, untouched nature, fresh air, plenty of sun, natural beach without the crowds and the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean. Solta is a small getaway in an unreal world. Within this pristine nature, you can enjoy the beautiful villas for vacation. Endless sea view, close to the beach, private pool, quiet and privacy are the main advantages of accommodation on the island. This is an ideal destination for those who want to spend a quiet holiday, and yet be very close to all the events. 


Solta is connected with Split in the summer with several ferries a day, so If you'll be missing a city rush you can go there anytime. Solta has its pristine, Robinson side that make you forget about all the stress and problems that you had before coming here. The picturesque island, full of natural wild beaches and bays, will bring you a real adventure. You can explore island on foot because there is a map with kilometers of hiking trails that can take you to the villages in the interior of the island, in an old tavern for a glass of wine and prosciutto, the centuries-old olive groves or to the turquoise sea. You can also explore island cycling. On the beach in Necujam, you can rent a kayak and explore a large bay, composed of eight smaller bays and experience the acoustic phenomenon of the so-called Deaf bay (Lat. Vallis Surda). 


Beneath the turquoise sea is hidden completely different dimension, unexplored seabed which you can diving in. The lovers of the underwater world will reveal some stunning locations with sunken ships or fish habitats. The southern side of the island of Solta is a real treasure for boaters, hikers and swimmers. There lies a series of small hidden bays like Sesula, Poganica, Zaglav, Tatinja, bay Jorja which has a beach of pebbles, cove Senjska were lyrical Queen Teuta built her fortress whose remains can still be seen today, Stomorska or Donja and Gornja Krusica are just some of the beautiful places where you can spend a summer day. After enjoying the pleasures of the sea it is time for some culture. Solta is known from the time of ancient Greece, as evidenced by some remains from that era, as well as pond of Emperor Diocletian from 3rd century whose outlines are still visible under the sea. 


Interesting are the towers built to defend against the Turks. Lovers of art will be delight by exhibition gallerie Buktenica & Buktenica in the center of Grohote. We all know that love goes through the stomach. In addition to excellent wines, famous plavac mali, Solta is known for its top quality, extra virgin olive oil and a centuries-old tradition of oil production and the production of medicinal honey from wild rosemary. On the island are several fishing villages you must visit. One of them is Stomorska that looks like a place from some Dalmatian postcards. The youngest place on the island, Necujam, is a compound of modern apartments and older folk stone construction, while the oldest and the largest town on the island is Grohote. A stay in any place on the island will be an unforgettable experience, so book your accommodation on time and enjoy the luxury and comfort some of the costal villa in the middle of untouched nature.


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