Spend your holiday in one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world 02.08.2019.


Contrary to much popular town Hvar, located just 20 kilometers from it, place Jelsa offers an entirely different island experience! Experience it in a luxury villa!


Hvar is for years, regarded as one of the finest, most luxurious, and most famous party destination for party people and celebrities from all around the world. With this status staying in town Hvar can be very expencive. The town of Hvar is a beautiful and unique, but only about 20 minutes drive away from it, you can experience a completely different holiday. Jelsa has always been a picturesque and peaceful fishing village whose little cobbled streets, beaches and squares, the last decade started to occupy tourists from around the world. We understand them, because this island radiates a strange attractive power. Simply lures you scents of the thick pine forests, lavender, blue sea, delicious wines, ancient olive trees and rich history.


Jelsa is ideal for family holidays especially if your favorite place in one of the luxury villas. Yet we are on Hvar and there all must be of the highest standard! These standards also meet and private villas in Jelsa, located in the seafront and you will have the feeling as if the beach below the villa only yours. In it you will enjoy the pleasures of the sea, and romantic sunsets. A family atmosphere prevails all over the place so you can quickly assimilate and catch the daily pace of the local population. Early swimming, kavica on the main square, save the local delicacies, fjaka-or Dalmatian siesta where you can give in the privacy of their luxury villa or in the shade of pine trees on the beach. People from Jelsa know how to have fun so that you may not have the need to go to the town of Hvar. Widely known for its excellent wines and seafood delicacies offered in numerous taverns and restaurants.


The beauty of your private villa a perfect match for the beauty of numerous rustic villas are located in Jelsa and around, and you will be in the atmosphere feel special. Accommodation on the beach, surrounded by the scent of the Mediterranean, a break will all your senses and you will feel reborn. You can enjoy a walk through a place that is rich in historical monuments, romantic and hidden coves, natural sandy beaches and plenty of sun since it is located in the middle of the island, Hvar is the ideal starting point for many excursions. Visit Grapčeva cave and Humac, Tor, the surrounding villages Vrisnik, Svirče, Pitve, as well as the famous beach Zlatni Rat in Bol on Brac Island. Be sure to visit and Pakleni islands, Red rocks and the Blue Cave.


If, however, feel like you missed the crazy night life, Hvar is in the immediate vicinity. Numerous activities, wine tours, adventure sports, scuba diving, hiking, cycling through the centuries-old olive groves or kayak the picturesque bays are just some of the things you can do in Jelsa. However, what will make your holiday special and quality stay in one of the modern and luxurious villa located in the seafront with unreal views of the sea and islands. Peace, privacy, comfort and functionality of the interior of the villa will make your holiday even more special. Hvar is magical all year round, but during the summer months, live to the fullest. Select it as the destination of your vacation and you will not go wrong. It is time for booking! See you in a beautiful Jelsa!


Booking a perfect vacation in villa with a pool in Bol on Brač is just the thing08.11.2019.

Spend your holiday in one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world02.08.2019.