Vir – an island of great apartments and villas, beaches and nature 26.08.2018.


Vir has great villas and apartments, beautiful beaches and lots of entertainment. And the bridge that connects it to mainland.


Island of Vir offers its guest the luxury of staying on an island while being able to reach the mainland in a few minutes drive. Due to the bridge that connects Vir to the mainland less than half an hour is enough to reach the city of Zadar, and all other destinations in Zadar county are easy to reach, such as National Parks and other towns. Vir can hence be a great base for staying during vacation while exploring the surroundings and its attractions.


Excellent geographical position of the island  of Vir is not the only thing that makes it a great place for vacation – although its not that big in size it has plenty of beaches, pebble and sand ones, where one can enjoy the sun and the sea, and in the near vicinity there are wonderful sand shores of Privlaka and Nin. It is no wonder then that Vir has always been very popular both among the foreign tourists and Croatian people as a holiday destination. For such a small island, the private accommodation offer is surprisingly rich so the only problem could be what to choose: apartments, modern villas with swimming pool, luxury holiday home? And for those who want something even more special, there is a lighthouse located on the west coast of the island that is now available for rent. Due to its rather small size, wherever your accommodation is located in Vir, it will never be too away from the beach and the sea.


During the last few years, Vir has managed to become one of the leading tourist destination in Croatia in general. And its not just about the wide accommodation offer or the vicinity of the mainland. There are many events and concerts that are held on the island not just during the high season, but throughout the entire year as well so it is no wonder that even people from Zadar visit Vir to spend for example New Year's Eve there at one of the concerts and parties. There aren't a lot of places (that are not larger towns) where one can find entertainment beyond the summer months, which makes this feature even more valuable.


Concerts and sea fun are not the only things Vir has to offer. Its history is rich and interesting and it has left several monuments as evidence of continuous human presence there. Kaštelina fortress from the 16th century is one of them, built by Venetians to serve as a protection from the Ottoman attacks.  On St. George's hill there are remains of the ancient fortress, that was built at least two thousand years ago. There are also several medieval churches from 12th and 13th century and chapels scattered along the island that can be visited. And there is, as we mentioned it above, a lighthouse on the west part of Vir, built in 1881, where you can enjoy in beautiful sunsets.


Vir island is therefore an excellent destination for spending a quiet and relaxed holiday away from the urban crowds, yet from there one can go and visit any place in North Dalmatia and Lika, and then return to its villa or apartment in the evening. Doesn't sound bad at all.


Photo: Cro-Cop, Wikipedia



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