Solta - island paradise perfect for summer dreaming

A islets pearl of untouched nature near from Split is an ideal escape from everyday life. Find perfect villa for intimate holidays in turquoise oasis!   The island only a few nautical miles away from Split in high summer season becomes its paradise suburb. Why paradise? Due to the cryst...
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Villa Ist - modern ambience in unspoiled nature

Holiday villa on Ist, small island in the Zadar County region, is a great place to spend hot summer days and fully relax. If you rent you will not regret!   There are more then 1000 islands in Croatia and each one is unique in its own way. What makes this small island near Zadar special is...
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Luxurious seafront villa Sutivan for royal vacation

If you are looking for a luxury vacation spot, we have one for you. Luxury Villa Sutivan with a heated infinity pool, just 20 meters from the beach. Should we say more?   The island of Brac has for decades been one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Croatia. This beautiful...
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Explore Cavtat for a fantastic holiday

Cavtat is a fantastic opportunity to rent villa or apartment near Dubrovnik and escape the hectic crowds of visitors.   The city of Dubrovnik is probably the most famous destination in Croatia and a symbol of Croatian tourism. Its long and interesting history as an independent Republic, bea...
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Privlaka's sand is more than just a beach

Visiting „The night of sand diggers and fishermen“ event will help you explore the unique past tradition of Privlaka near Zadar.   Today, tourism is the most important field of economy in Croatia, at least in its coastal region. Many small and big towns and places depend on tour...
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Marco Polo on Korčula island

Did you know that one of the world's famous adventurers and explorers, Marco Polo, was most probably born on Korčula island?   Italian merchant and explorer, writer and adventurer, Marco Polo is one of the instantly recognizable names from the Medieval times, praised by some for its adventu...
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Brač island and its stone story

Brač island is a great destination for your holiday with excellent accommodation (apartments, exclusive villas etc.) but it is not all about sun and the sea. Situated in central Dalmatia, in front of Split, Brač island is the third largest island in Croatia and one of the popular tourist destinatio...
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A must-visit place in Croatia: Šibenik

Croatia has many holiday destinations that are only recently being discovered and one of them is Šibenik with its history and great offer of villas and apartments.   Dalmatia has always been a popular tourist destinations but the bigger cities like Zadar or Split were seldom a destin...
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