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Discover Dalmatia

Dalmatia is the central area of the Adriatic Coast composed out of numerous islands, islets, surrounded by beautiful, crystal clear sea and an interesting, albeit rough, interior. Dalmatia is a place where the tastes and smells of the old Mediterranean still prevail. The millennial history of this area has been painstakingly engraved in its very rocks by its peasants and fishermen who have imbued this very special, unexplored area with a flavorful note. Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, green islands, lush hinterland and fertile Ravni Kotari will leave you breathless. Sail to the Kornati islands, take a swim in the famous Zlatni rat beach, and visit the Krka river waterfalls and the river Cetina canyon. Discover the specialties of Donat’s, Krešimirov’s and Diocletian's city; explore Zadar, Šibenik and Split.