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Discover Dubrovnik

Situated on the southernmost part of Croatia, bathed in the Mediterranean sunlight for more than 230 days a year, this stone pearl of the Adriatic is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Whoever visits this city always comes back, as the old folk saying states. Antique fortresses, richly decorated palaces, summer houses of rich Dubrovnik gentleman and renaissance walls position Dubrovnik as a city you must visit. Every stone of this 1000 year old city hides a flavorful story. Discover why so many people wanted to enter the city, but only a few succeeded. Listen to various stories about the naval tradition, diplomacy, and trade - everything that makes Dubrovnik and its people great. Indulge in various gourmet delights in exceedingly good restaurants and reward your palate with indigenous wines, specific to the Dubrovnik region. Reward yourself with the vacation you deserve.